Sunday, April 19, 2015

let's talk food

Got up this morning before the alarm @ 4:10 AM

made a shake... 8 ounces almond coconut milk ... Califa is my favorite 
with a scant scoop of protein 
this is what I use in place of coffee creamer 

packed my food for work... I work 10 hour days and add on a commute... an hour each way 

the commute doesn't bother me in the least... I listen to books on tape... currently on 
Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series... people think I am nuts when they see me laughing my arse off driving. I have read all her books, but now I am going through them audio 

any whoosle 

2 slices turkey on a sandwich thin with spicy mustard and a laughing cow wedge.. with pickles 

3 egg whites with spicy mustard on 2 slices of high fiber crispy Bimbo bread 

Quest bar 

entire bag of broccoli frozen... cooked then drained and cooled on paper towels... add in a serving of low fat cottage cheese (I don't like the non fat cottage cheese... yucko) and some dressing... I thin my dressing half and half dressing and balsamic vinegar

I will probably buy a pear at work 

2 low fat Eggo waffles and 3 whites (this I will eat on the commute to work) 

large carb-d-light frozen yogurt (this I will eat on my way home) 

no gym yesterday or today... but Monday I should be able to go after work 

but I did get in a good amount of steps yesterday according to my fitbit 
This is pretty much a normal workday for me


 17655 steps taken
 32 floors climbed
  • You have climbed: Big Ben 
 4.74 miles traveled
 2522 calories burned

so have a great day Internet folks and blog at cha later


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