Thursday, May 14, 2015

Do you remember the Pepsi challenge?

I am going to try the Weight Watchers challenge 
One week on NEW WWers and lost zero 
tracking points using protein/fat/carb formula 
 unlimited fruits and vegetable 

this week will be on old WWers ... 
tracking points using calories/fat/fiber formula  
fruits and vegetables have a value (not unlimited) 

so yesterday: 

food packed for work: 
salad using only 1 Tablespoon of dressing from kit 
and using 2 Tablespoons of my thinned balsamic dressing 
serving of nonfat cottage cheese 
added cucumber 
Greek yogurt
apple with cinnamon
carrots and jicama
sandwich thin with mustard 
Laughing cow wedge, and 2 slices turkey 

4 egg whites on 2 slices Bimbo high fiber crispy bread 

I stopped for my frozen yogurt ... 
forgot to take a picture 

then I got home...... 
my danger zone 

I ate half .... yes HALF 
a container of the fat free cool whip while making my 
food for today 
sheesh girl 
and a slice of turkey 
but I stopped myself 
drank some water and got some gum and 
settled in for a few episodes of 
Damages... OMG SOOOOO good 
I discovered this series on Netflix 
and loving it 


so here's to the challenge
starting week #1 on old WWers 

I got this!!! 


  1. Someone told me that WW started the "new" plan because people won't lose much weight and will stay with them longer. I do know that I had to modify the plan for me. I laughed when they said fruit was free. They did not know how much fruit I could consume in a day. Yikes!

    I was already maintaining when the new program came out and I knew immediately it would not work for me. Fruit was NOT free and all those extra points were immediately taken off the table. By doing that, I was able to continue to maintain. If I had gone with the program, I would have gained.

  2. I have always wondered about the no limit fruit thing. My WW leader said that no one ever became obese eating bananas. I get that point. It will be interesting to see how your experiment works! In the end, it's an experiment for what works best for your body.

  3. I have a friend that works for WW and she told me they made the fruit and veggies unlimited to encourage people to choose that over junkier options. She said that people were eating a lot of less than healthy food as long as it fit into their points

    I could happily eat my weight in fruits like watermelon, grapes, cherries or plums.


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