Sunday, May 24, 2015

Goals and wishing

I think I have figured this out 
I have attacked my weight gain with 
a landslide of wishes 
wishing my pants would fit 
denial that I haven't worn a belt to work in 
at LEAST 18 months 

but in searching for a blog topic this morning 
I stumbled across this this morning 

so to make a plan 

I have also read that you should write down your goals 

  1. It forces you to clarify what you want 
  2. It motivates you to take action 
  3. It keeps reminding you of the goal 
  4. Helps you to focus on the goal and not the barriers 
  5. Helps you to see ...  so you can celebrate your successes

so the plan: get back to goal weight ... okay be realistic.... 138

I am changing my blog layout to reflect this 
I also need realistic goals ... 138 is REALISTIC and high school weight of 125 is not maintainable for me 

yeah it would be super cool but not the goal 

Plan is 6-7 small meals following this general layout... 
when I put this in My Fitness pal the calories were LOW 
so I have some wiggle room... adding almond milk 
extra veggies.. a piece of fruit ... chia and flax in my oats 
wiggle room... not free range though 

daily logging here
even if it is just a picture of my food log 

        log my weight here weekly
have the food plan (see above)
work out 4 times a week
Goal: 1- 1.5 pound weight loss as an average
Goal:  back into all my clothes fitting
target date my 56th Birthday 
October 2016

so lets do this together 

well.... not really 
I will do this 
you (hello bloggity peeps) will read about my journey 

see ya tomorrow 
less of me that is 

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  1. I think you are right to choose a more realistic goal. I too would love to get back to the 120's but there's no way I could maintain it. I would be happy to stay around 136 so we have similar goals. We'll get there.


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