Tuesday, May 12, 2015

having a hard time this morning

okay okay... talk me off this ledge my fellow blogger peeps

weigh in day is Thursday
I have used ALL my weeklies
earned 28 activity (not including today's hour long gym circuit session)

feeling bloated ....
my belly looks BIGGER

I DO NOT want to quit... but this does not seem to be working

next week I will have to...  have to... HAVE TO use zero weeklies

I remember Weight Watchers week #1 as being ... BOOM!!!

this week is more like a fizzle start

but I did the old Weight Watchers with fat/fiber/calories.... makes me want to go back.... but then I think ...
don't give up!!!!


  1. Hang in there Karla and try to stay strong! I am not very familiar with WW but does not having any weeklies mean you just use your points for the day? If your weigh in day is this Thursday, will you start again and get more weeklies then? Sorry if these questions are stupid!

    I am having a very hard time today as well. It's day's like this that I miss being able to use food or other substances to cope.

  2. Hang in there! Come down off of the ledge!

    I am also doing weight watchers (again) and I think it works!

    I limit *free* fruit to 3 servings or less a day (and the online recipe builder still counts it so if you wanted you could create an entry to count it too.)

    I have found that I can not eat more than 20 of my extra weeklies, and I can not eat activity points. It works for some people, but I am not one of them.

    I have also found that the more whole foods I eat, the better I lose.

    I was reading back and I saw that you said you didn't want to go to weight watchers meetings but I find them really helpful. Ignore the snacks! They are really not that good, or that filling!

    Anyway, I really hope you stick with it and I hope that it works for you in the end!

  3. Is there any chance you are not eating quite enough, especially on days you work out? I know you're online, is there an option to email a question to a coach or leader? Also, I can't do more than 3 fruit servings either. 26 new points x approx. 40 calories each is only 1040 calories before you add in produce. Also, maybe the protein-carb-fat balance needs to be tweaked. But do do do hang in there!!


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