Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hump day

so I peeked at the scale
yep a gain for week #1 
but I am sticking to Weight Watchers 
just tweeking it to fit me 
so lets give it as go 

I lost 70 pounds in 2010 using this 
do. It. Again!!! 

yesterday's work out 
all legs and cardio 

egg whites and cantaloupe 

this is why only legs and cardio 
stupid tendentious 
that splint is NOT. GOING. TO. FLY!!! 
well it might
right out the moving car window!!! 
it is so huge and bulky 
we will see how I feel today 

I have 10 weeks until my new store 
2 pounds a week would be a 20 pound loss 
1.5 pounds a week would be a 15 pound loss
both are achievable 
you see all those fitness gals on Instagram 
"12 weeks out" 

well this is me 

10 weeks out 

have a great day 

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