Tuesday, May 26, 2015


definitely not a great day 
success on the scale made me over confident? 
thinking about going back to work? 
who knows 

started good

so far so good 
scrambled egg whites 
with my morning oats 

I even made an amazing egg white frittata 

thought as I was driving to training 
oh I will get a few (4) Quest bars 
I have 2 meeting days so these will replace my shakes 
when the heck will I learn 
these I freaking LOVE 
no control 
I ate 4 of these babies!!! 

salad with 2 T of blue cheese 
WTH ... Blue cheese? 

I gobbled up some grapefruit 

and dinner 
fritatta was delicious BUT 

spaghetti casserole was staring me in the face 
gotta admit I nibbled on a bit 

THEN they brought out the big guns!!! 
Oreo's with peanut butter filling 
I was strong 

only to go home and dig into the pineapple cake 

okay okay okay okay 
today food is packed  
I shouldn't have blogged no time 
but this is important to me 
the accountability

see ya tomorrow 


  1. I haven't tried Quest bars yet. Do you have a favorite? I tried one of those Oreos last week and was not a fan. Love peanut-butter just not in my Oreo. Your fritatta looks packed with veggies and soooo good. Way to go with the exercise.

  2. I have trouble with good bars too. Can't buy for more than 1 or 2 at a time, Luna or Quest or Kind. I do buy them sometimes for convenience, better than taking potluck for situations where you can't control food otherwise - just like you did. Good for the exercise to balance it out!


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