Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday in Pictures

went over in my points ... 

but I guess that's what the weeklies are there for 
it's a lifestyle Karla 
not a diet 
Mantra of the day 
insert yoga pose 

spaghetti squash, 3 ounces chicken and
 half a serving of Ragu Alfredo light 
bagged salad, with only one tablespoon of the dressing 
some thinned light balsamic dressing 
add some non fat cottage cheese and extra cucumber 

Costco bagged salad 

apple with cinnamon 
and a cheese stick 

shake ... threw in a few frozen berries 

Quest bar 

Vitatop with fat free cool whip 
okay okay 
I had two 

not too Gawd awful
not freakin stellar either 
but it's a marathon 
(yeah right keep yammering to yourself there crazy Karla) 
 so I just need to stay on track 
let it come off 
s... l.... o....w.... l... y

that's ok 
off is off 


  1. I must be the only person who doesn't love Vita Tops! Maybe the box I tried was off.

    I so admire your ability to only use a bit of dressing. It's my downfall and I ruin more good days/salads that way.

  2. I used to buy Vita Tops even though they were way overpriced and didn't taste all that good either. I would binge on them too. I finally eliminated them from my life which was good for me and my pocketbook.

    I know we are all different, but I cannot have products with erythritol which is listed on the Quest bars or the sugar alcohols in Vita Tops without having stomach problems and bloating. Just a thought.

    Eating just to lose weight would work for me for a while, but I ALWAYS gained it all back and then some. I finally realized (thanks to Weight Watchers) that to maintain, I would need to find a way to eat that I could do forever. I'm rooting for you. :)


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