Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday morning doubts

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, four total days and already I have the opinion this weight watchers doesn't work!!!

Okay shut up brain and just keep doing it one meal at a time!

Packed my food this morning weighed & measured everything, tracked everything

I think the frustration is when I was with my trainer I could lose 6 pounds in a week

True I was eating nothing but egg whites and protein shakes

But I have this unrealistic goal that I should have lost 5 pounds by now

So I'm blogging about it to keep myself honest these are my feelings

I will post my food pictures tonight when I get home

Then there's also the concern I look at the food I've packed and think really? Karla really? You're gonna lose weight eating that much food!!!

Did not touch my weeklies in my plan today actually I have one point left!!!

Picture post tonight

Tootles bloggity peeps 

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