Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New look... new outlook

lately have I had a hard time and 
I have forgotten how strong I am 
How committed I am able to be 
the laser focus I am capable of 


sometimes you just need to be reminded 

ANOTHER week of vacation
so I pulled out an old diet 
so perfect for this week 
I have NO plans 
I just need to take vacation 
before all the craziness starts 

yesterday was on POINT!!! 

I drank a gallon of water 
got my exercise in 

ate on schedule (pretty much) 

all this structure will help me this week 

I feel goal #1 ..... 
maybe before the week is out! 
boo yah baby! 

on a side bar.... 
On the My Fitness pal blog is an article 
on how to make 
Mason jar salads.... looks interesting 
has anyone tried this?
feeling a Google search and a project 
in the works 
Mason jar salads... interesting

so today: 
train at 7AM 
Mason Jar salad day...??? 
maybe a movie ...???
maybe a walk ... ??? 

see ya tomorrow
less of me that is 

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