Monday, May 25, 2015

New beginnings

My food journal from yesterday: 

Sunday is a no training day so I got a good walk in 
5.16 miles in an hour and a half 

broccoli SF BBQ sauce and chicken 

REALLY!!!! apples cost $12.29!!!
I am a frigging apple snob
I LIKE the Honeycrisp 
if you haven't tried them... 
don't!! you can't go back! 

shake a shake a shake 

the Hubster made ground beef kabob's 
so I had that instead of my fish 
on a salad

we went for frozen yogurt 
I consider this a win 
I was on vacation and only had frozen yogurt ONCE!!! 
when this used to be a daily event 
boo yah! 

drum roll please 

163 this morning!!! 
5 pounds down this week!!! 
Etsy bracelet ordered 
week one on the books 
week two here we come! 

tootles bloggity folks 
see ya tomorrow 
less of me that is 


  1. Vacations can be especially hard when it comes to eating healthy. You're doing great! Carry on. :)

  2. Amazing! Losing weight on vacation...almost impossible feat. It is a testament to your determination Karla!


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