Saturday, May 23, 2015

Posta Posta Post

meal before the gym 

after da gym 

I write on my water bottle 
and cross off as I finish the liter 
4 liters a day 

big ole salad 
some red onion 
3 ounces chicken 
Costco sells cooked chicken breast 
OMG I am sooooo lazy!! 

must hydrate! 
the iced coffee is still in my refrigerator 
I have a love hate relationship 
with Starbucks 
love it, or hate it

shake a shake a shake 

This is kind of where I went a little 
wack a doodle 
when I weighed the fish it was only 1.8 oz! 
crapola... was supposed to be 4 ounces 
and the Hubster didn't eat the remaining vegetables
so I ate 2 giant bowls of vegetables!! 
preggo veggie belly 

but a few hours later I was eyeing the cake... 
so I ate my 4 egg whites 

I have started paper logging again 
paper log on one side 
a gratitude list on the other 
reminds me 

I may get MAJOR push back on this thought but whatever.....
been reading a lot and have run into folks this week that seem to be taking (in my opinion) meds unnecessarily that their condition could be resolved through a healthier lifestyle
ran into someone that takes a medication for IBS.... I happen to know this persons diet is LOADED with wheat... I wanted to scream ... "lay off the wheat!!!!!!!!!"
ran across someone that is taking meds for a binge eating disorder .... I wanted to scream "EAT CLEAN!!!!  you are always eating chips, pasta and crap"
what ever happened to

:::::::  rant over ::::: 

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