Friday, May 22, 2015


it's weird when I am uber focused 
I cook MORE 
and I love seeing my family enjoy 
all the deliciousness 

protein coffee 
and 4 whites 
1/4 C measured dry of oats 
scant tablespoon of chia 

ahh yummy!!! 


after my workout I added a serving of this 
pudding to my shake 
made the shake super creamy 
I think I have FINALLY figured out shakes 
the right amount of ice is the key 
to a perfect shake 
too much ... an icy mess 
not enough... not thick enough 
it's a science 

basil tilapia and veggies 
I remembered an old trick I used to do 
instead of butter on the vegetables 
I used the butter sprinkle 
the stuff you buy by the popcorn section

I have horrible kitchen organizational skills 
either I have multiples of something 
or I am out
no in-between!!! 


this my second Suzy Homemaker event 
thank you Google 
I tweeked the recipe a bit 
less sauce, added some sausage and chopped spinach 
but the Hubster went on and on and on and on and on and on 
about this dinner 

I had a Huge salad!! 

then I made desert 

 my family loved this!!! 
I have never made (that I can remember) 
truthfully I only made it because 
Stephanie Plum loves this kind of cake 
and I am re-reading the series 
well kinda sorta ... not really reading 
audio book ...

so today is about taking care of myself 
being grateful for all I have 
and focusing on my goals 

tootles bloggity folks 
see ya tomorrow 
less of me that is 

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