Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When you know its time

How you know you need to lose weight

∆∆ pants don't fit
∆∆ shirts don't fit
∆∆ panties don't fit
∆∆️ bras don't fit
∆∆️ every day you say to yourself today I'm gonna start
∆∆ you always seem to be having your "last meal"
∆∆ your workout pants are either falling down too big, or you have belly rolls happening
∆∆ you keep buying food and throwing it away for the food that will make the diet work.... This time                         
∆∆ people make comments like "oh are you sure you want to eat that?" Instead of making comments about how small you are because you're no longer small
∆∆ you find yourself sneaking food
∆∆ you rationalize .... It's muscle ... From so much working out
∆∆ no one is noticing .... Hopefully

But there comes a time when you can't lie to yourself any more

I have to keep trying

Today I did good
Not perfect
But its progress, not perfection

Tomorrow a new day

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  1. Wow, do I relate to this post! I get it. I have to keep trying right along with you!


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