Sunday, June 28, 2015

yep still here

yep still here 
yep still fighting the good fight 
things I have changed a bit: I went and
got my nails done, splurged on a few things 
may not sound like much 
I have to take care of me and like and
nurture me during this process 
it is not all about "getting to goal" 
It is about the journey 
Life is in session

Work: cray cray crazy busy 
Home: calm calm sweet 

Food: been good 
I meal prepped 3 days ago and it has been so nice I just grab and go 

vitamins and oats 

my food for this week 

1) coffee
2) bar on the way to work 

3) 4 whites and 1/4 c oats with 1T flax and .5 T Chia 

4) mini can of tuna with 1T mayo and spicy mustard 
and celery, jicama, carrot, onion and radish

5) ground turkey cooked with onions, mushrooms 
with cauliflower and a T of Quinoa

6) Chicken breast with mixed vegetables, 
quinoa and .125 C of Ragu Alfredo light 

7) Dannon light and an apple 
8) ??? Artic Zero if calories allow 

yesterdays numbers 

I am reminding myself

- it takes time 
- consistency 
- I need to make myself a priority 
- and fall in love with the process 
- consistency 
- did I say consistency? 

Peace out, Cub Scout 

Saturday, June 20, 2015


I am like a bull in a China shop 

I can't even tell you how many times
I have heard someone say to me "SLOW DOWN" 

I am like the Tasmanian devil from Looney tunes 

Manta for me 

slow down Karla .... 

life related post 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sumpin sumpin

yesterday didn't EXACTLY go as planned 
but close 


keeping it real 
used some weeklies 
that's all good 
weird also... 
I lost a meal 
took it to work 
and it disappeared! 

odd picture
pulled out an old favorite 

and today's plan 

morning food prep session 

had a treadmill 
bought it in 2010
used it like crazy in 2010
a tiny bit in 2011
moved it room to room in 2012
and the last move in 2015
I got it jammed into a doorway and FREAKED out 
got rid of it 
I was so freaking sick of moving it room to room 

kids are all moved out and ..... 

yep I want another one 
Costco has them reasonable
and they just sent me a rebate check 
and I can close the door to the bedroom when the kids come 

so they don't give me grief 

I will cancel the gym membership today
$30 a month and I NEVER use it 
I go to my trainers gym and work out there 
2-4 times a week 
the treadmill will be for 
20 minutes every morning 
just a little sumpin sumpin 


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

GNC doesn't like me

I still get emails from an old WWer leader and this came yesterday 

weird huh? after yesterday's post 

so today's food is packed 
add Eggo waffles with NF cottage cheese and tomatoes 
and a frozen yogurt 

this is the frozen yogurt I always get 

GNC was NOT happy with me yesterday 
I returned almost ALL the bars I had in the house 
the "manager" kept canceling my return to 
help customers (three!!!)  that wanted to make a purchase 
I just kept waiting 
took seriously about 15 minutes 
He was NOT happy with me... WTH??!!  I had a receipt 
I have never ever ever had attitude from GNC 
hummmm maybe he was having a bad day 
no biggie 

these are left in my house 
I didn't buy them at GNC so maybe 
I will take them to my meeting today 
and just put them on the breakfast table 
I just don't want any bars around 
right now while I need to focus 
on just eating FOOD 

now I have to figure out what to do with all the protein I have 
I am sure my Co Manager will want them 
I just want to refocus myself on 

no bars, no shakes, no frozen boxed food 
just food 
it'll work 
I have time 
I ain't going anywhere 
have a good day 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

when is enough .... enough?

right freaking now!!!

the goal 138

now 170.4

how did I let myself go soooooo much???!!!

I am going to training this morning 
I feel like I have a neon sign on me 
that say's 
"used to weigh 138 now 170.4.... FATTY!!!" 
but I can't start until I start 
so off to training I go this morning 

I measured out my creamer... 
none of this 1 T for me 
I am a coffee-holic 
this is what happens when you get up at 4AM on the regular! 

today's plan 

and food all packed 
I will comment tonight with my day's journey 
and recap the awesomness of sticking to this plan!!! 
one pound at a time Karla 
that's 16 pounds by your Birthday 
20 pounds by Thanksgiving 
25 pounds by Christmas 
this is my year of re-commitment !! 
sticking to the path 
enjoying the journey 
understanding the causes 
loving myself 
taking care of myself 
and conquering!! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Help from the Hubster

we have a bet ... 

15 pounds by July 9th 

he has never done this 
I know he is trying to be supportive 
okay here we go 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Thank you guys :)

well there are lotsa bloggers out there after all!!! 
I am totally stalling about getting ready for work 
no time for gifs 
dang so not wanting to go to work 

I didn't do good food wise yesterday 
crash and burn last night at the Pizza cookery
me and the roll basket had a sinful love affair 

back on it today 
no need to see the damage on the scale 
would just bum me out 
keep on going 
no looking back 
progress not perfection 
and all that jazz 


Thursday, June 4, 2015

where have all the bloggers gone?

I am a dying breed 

bloggers are gone 
blogs are sitting there ... no activity for MONTHS!! YEARS!! so many have gone private 

bums me out 

so much social media
twitter... nope I don't tweet
Snap chat... nope
Pinterest... barely at all 
Instagram... I add a zillion people then delete them all 
Facebook... see comment on Instagram 

blogging has been my constant 
will I be the last of the Mohicans? 

makes me sad... 

I get so many spam comments 

this is just for me 
accountability for my weight 

maybe I should start blogging about 
sewing, knitting, photography
this is also where some of the weight loss bloggers went 
that I used to follow 

sad face 

I am still here though 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2 day post

things are going good. I think being more realistic with my target calorie count has set me up for success. Unrealistic expectations made me feel like I was always failing... so what was the point? so boom and boom

when exactly was the moment I looked in the mirror and saw the 30 extra pounds? 
can you say bakery rolls? 

I think I am used to this now 
loose flowy tops
hide the bumps and lumps 

kind of a dark picture but food prep yesterday 

at the gym I go to 
the first 15 minute is a structured cardio session 
then the last 45 minute is lifting weights 
we did legs yesterday
sweaty Betty! 

this morning food prep for the day 

I bought the coolest thing on Amazon 
usually I have buyers remorse 
I am quick to click 
yuck yuck 

but this salad dressing bottle is Coolio!! 

It is hard to see 
but there are different salad dressing 
recipes on the bottle 


and Asian 
for example 
I can't wait to try it
I have been in a salad dressing slump

I thin my salad dressing 
equal parts 
Newman's light balsamic vinaigrette
with balsamic 
but I got bored so I threw in a Ranch packet 
and a small container of sour cream 
Karla's thinned balsamic-Ranch 
it's good.... strange 


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