Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2 day post

things are going good. I think being more realistic with my target calorie count has set me up for success. Unrealistic expectations made me feel like I was always failing... so what was the point? so boom and boom

when exactly was the moment I looked in the mirror and saw the 30 extra pounds? 
can you say bakery rolls? 

I think I am used to this now 
loose flowy tops
hide the bumps and lumps 

kind of a dark picture but food prep yesterday 

at the gym I go to 
the first 15 minute is a structured cardio session 
then the last 45 minute is lifting weights 
we did legs yesterday
sweaty Betty! 

this morning food prep for the day 

I bought the coolest thing on Amazon 
usually I have buyers remorse 
I am quick to click 
yuck yuck 

but this salad dressing bottle is Coolio!! 

It is hard to see 
but there are different salad dressing 
recipes on the bottle 


and Asian 
for example 
I can't wait to try it
I have been in a salad dressing slump

I thin my salad dressing 
equal parts 
Newman's light balsamic vinaigrette
with balsamic 
but I got bored so I threw in a Ranch packet 
and a small container of sour cream 
Karla's thinned balsamic-Ranch 
it's good.... strange 


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  1. I love the salad dressing bottle! I make the same type with the ranch dressing packet and sour creme. Someone told me it's also good with plain greek yogurt.

    You look very nice in your pics Karla; it doesn't look like you need to lose anywhere close to 30 lbs!


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