Monday, June 1, 2015

My brain making vegetable soup

When I was grocery shopping I grabbed some bell peppers,
 a big bag of asparagus, and some Brussels sprouts

My thoughts were the more vegetables around me the more likely I am to stick to healthy eating

And I brainstormed yesterday that vegetable soup had always help me get back on track

So being the lazy person that I am ....  first I threw in a giant Costco size bag of frozen broccoli and two packages of frozen cauliflower with two boxes of chicken broth

So I'm looking at it thinking dang that looks boring 
so I grilled up a giant pan of onions with 2 red bell peppers

Then I thought well why the heck not .... I used to make cabbage in my vegetable soup so I threw all of the brussels sprouts in the food processor and shredded them
 ... same as adding the shredded cabbage... right? 

and I am thinking... me thinking, thinking always thinking... 

asparagus... I chopped up the Costco sized bag and added that.... l
looked in my pantry and found a can of chopped tomatoes...

yep threw that in

then I thought... spice? humm what spice do I add... 

I remembered the old Weight Watcher Taco soup I used to make 

Googled that 

added a package of Ranch mix and some taco mix 

cooked it all up 

ahh yummo!!! 

it made 13 servings!!! (see previous post) 

and it will make me gassy... but whatever... I need to get back on track 

so I gotta do what I gotta do!! 


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  1. Wow, that's one heck of a vegetable soup. Best wishes.


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