Tuesday, June 2, 2015

slowly... but forward

always going forward 

mint quest bar... OMG!!! 
tastes just like a Girl Scout mint cookie 

this had a kind of weird after taste...
never had this happen before 

oats, chia and flax
and egg whites 

salad with 2T dressing 
and chicken 

Just Keep Going 

the numbers 

boo yah 

I didn't track this 
and Fat Free cool whip 
sue me 
It is so much easier to stay the course when I don't 
expect some uber low calorie target 
I googled BMR calculator 

Your BMR: 1368 Calories/Day

Total Calories Burned a Day Depending on Activity Level:

Activity LevelDescriptionCalories Burned Per Day
LowYou get little to no exercise
1642 Calories/Day
LightYou exercise lightly (1-3 days per week)
1881 Calories/Day
ModerateYou exercise moderately (3-5 days per week)
2121 Calories/Day
HighYou exercise heavily (6-7 days per week)
2360 Calories/Day
Very HighYou exercise very heavily (i.e. 2x per day, extra heavy workouts)
2600 Calories/Day

so 1400-1500 is not race car weight loss... 

but a manageable number 

slow is fine 


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  1. Must find mint Quest bar!!! I haven't seen that flavor in my area yet.

    Where did you find the great bracelet? That is my mantra!


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