Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sumpin sumpin

yesterday didn't EXACTLY go as planned 
but close 


keeping it real 
used some weeklies 
that's all good 
weird also... 
I lost a meal 
took it to work 
and it disappeared! 

odd picture
pulled out an old favorite 

and today's plan 

morning food prep session 

had a treadmill 
bought it in 2010
used it like crazy in 2010
a tiny bit in 2011
moved it room to room in 2012
and the last move in 2015
I got it jammed into a doorway and FREAKED out 
got rid of it 
I was so freaking sick of moving it room to room 

kids are all moved out and ..... 

yep I want another one 
Costco has them reasonable
and they just sent me a rebate check 
and I can close the door to the bedroom when the kids come 

so they don't give me grief 

I will cancel the gym membership today
$30 a month and I NEVER use it 
I go to my trainers gym and work out there 
2-4 times a week 
the treadmill will be for 
20 minutes every morning 
just a little sumpin sumpin 



  1. That treadmill will pay for itself in no time; especially since you are canceling your gym membership. Enjoy it!

  2. Treadmills were never a constant for me. Dancing to TV has been. We all gotta find what works for us individually, and just do it. good for you!


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