Sunday, June 28, 2015

yep still here

yep still here 
yep still fighting the good fight 
things I have changed a bit: I went and
got my nails done, splurged on a few things 
may not sound like much 
I have to take care of me and like and
nurture me during this process 
it is not all about "getting to goal" 
It is about the journey 
Life is in session

Work: cray cray crazy busy 
Home: calm calm sweet 

Food: been good 
I meal prepped 3 days ago and it has been so nice I just grab and go 

vitamins and oats 

my food for this week 

1) coffee
2) bar on the way to work 

3) 4 whites and 1/4 c oats with 1T flax and .5 T Chia 

4) mini can of tuna with 1T mayo and spicy mustard 
and celery, jicama, carrot, onion and radish

5) ground turkey cooked with onions, mushrooms 
with cauliflower and a T of Quinoa

6) Chicken breast with mixed vegetables, 
quinoa and .125 C of Ragu Alfredo light 

7) Dannon light and an apple 
8) ??? Artic Zero if calories allow 

yesterdays numbers 

I am reminding myself

- it takes time 
- consistency 
- I need to make myself a priority 
- and fall in love with the process 
- consistency 
- did I say consistency? 

Peace out, Cub Scout 


  1. I'm with ya on the consistency part...I need much more of it!

  2. Yep, consistency is tantamount. Food looks good! Well thought out!

  3. I saw your little thumbnail on someones blogroll and i realized I ordered those meal prep containers yesterday! Consistency is something that is so worth it in the end kind of like meal prepping. Food looks yummy! Looking forward to following your blog :)


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