Wednesday, July 29, 2015

and I am back :)

My pants are tight...
EVERY single pair
I have to drop some weight, and fast!!! yeah yeah I know that is the wrong mindset ... truthfully that has always been my problem. I want it to happen overnight and I get discouraged when it doesn't... yeah I know that is stupid.. so that's me
Clean eating is the right and ONLY way for me, but it can be hard .. I am a stress eater, bored eater.. okay I am fooling no one. I just love to eat!!! and being a grocery store manager does not help this situation! My trainer is going to help me (I think) I spoke to him Thursday and weighed and he said something about if you have trouble with consistency (ah yeah that's me!!!)  Shakes (he is into Isagenix and truthfully I am open to this at this point) so we will see
Meal planning is kind of a waste for me, as my brain isn't in the right place right now so I am not sure how to "snap back into things" so I just keep being a poser... posing and acting like I am all into clean eating as I scarf down chips at night, or buy candy at the store... sheesh girl!!!
on another note... a gal at my work signed up for some CRAZY program and it is "guaranteed" to work. If she doesn't stick to their plan 100% and doesn't lose 40 pounds by October (yes that is right 40!!!!) she has to pay them $500 ... what a err I am struggling for the right word... scam? no... she signed a contract... who knows maybe she will kick butt and show everyone her amazing success... hey what works for you, may not work for me and vice versa
Back to the work conversation ... VERY stressful right now. I feel very divided and torn between what I need to do and what I should be doing..  not the same thing sometimes. I have to prioritize and let others help me more and lean on others more. It is hard sometimes
Karla ... signing off

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