Saturday, July 18, 2015

Secret log #2

I know it has only been 24 hours 
but already I feel better 
it's a mental thing 

this was as yummo as I remembered! 

and ditto this 

I cooked it like a thick custard 
with the raw egg whites 
made a yummy thick custardy type oatmeal 

this tuna salad is to die for!!!! 
$2.69 at the Ralphs 
only $1.66 at Walmart 
I am NOT a Walmart fan 

simple vegetable soup 
I added some of the Queso cheese dip you 
would buy for chips
ahhh YEAH!!  

and a frozen yogurt 

I went to a baby shower 
half of a cupcake 
half of a cookie bar 
not too Gawd awful though 

I got my water, vitamins and cardio in yesterday 

see ya tonight 


  1. Your Walmart is very expensive! I love those tuna packets and buy them often but they are only $1.00 each at my Walmart. $2.69 is crazy!

  2. And she's back! Keep fighting Karla.


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