Sunday, July 19, 2015

Secret log #3

I was having bad dreams 
zombie like dreams....
freaked me out 
awake now 

oats, chia, flax, unsweetened almond milk and a scoop of protein 
ahhhh yumm 

ready for work 

egg white sandwich 

newest craze 
ahhh life as a grocery store manager 
one of each 
not too bad 
"disclaimer" I did not buy these!!! 
one of the cashiers did and I taste tested 
no big deal 
just Oreo's on a diet 

Fage with half serving of powdered PB 

Tuna on toast 

vegetable soup 
I make THEE laziest soup ever... 
throw a ton of frozen veggies in a huge pot 
add broth 
add a little Queso dip 
yes cheese dip 
but it fakes me into thinking it's like broccoli cheese soup 

veggie burgers with broccoli 

and done for the day 
was uber duber tired 
but zombie dreams 
where did they come from!!??? 
I don't watch, or read any of that kind of stuff 
gave it all up a few years ago
just for this reason 
1 AM 


gotta go try to get some sleep 

zombie-less this time 

1 comment:

  1. How weird about the zombie dreams; hope they don't return! I'm going to have to try putting queso in my soup. It sounds good and I've never thought to do that.

    Those ore's are popping up everywhere tempting me! Glad to know they aren't anything special.

    How does the PB2 taste? I love peanut butter but tend to eat way too much of it once the jar is open! This seems like a good way to get the same taste without all the calorie damage.


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