Monday, July 20, 2015

Secret Log #4

not a very "healthy balanced day" but whatever 

I counted everything and it's all good 
I was running yesterday on 4 hours sleep 
my poor Hubby 
I was a cranky pants 

tuna on toast 

we went out to breakfast
egg white wrap 
with turkey bacon 
in a wheat wrap 

2 of these ^^ 

soup to fill me up so I don't go bonkers 

I went a little bonkers 
but I tracked it 
and good thing the bag was just crumbs 
the other chips the Hubby bought I don't like 
score one for me!!! 

dinner was a portion of tri tip 
and Hubster made theeeeeeee 
most delicious potatoes 
and some cauliflower soup to fill me up 

I made some meals for the week 
cooking and being prepared always 
helps me 
so Monday is here 
My cardio is done 
food is packed 
off to get ready for work 

Karla Out 

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  1. Wow, that breakfast wrap looks super filling. I wish I could plan and prepare food for the week, but I'm too lazy right now. Way to go.


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