Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Secret Log #5

it's strange how it feels like I have been back weeks... 
not days... 
I have moved my scale to resist the temptation to weigh 
it ALWAYS discourages me 
push on 

oats, chia, flax and unsweetened almond milk 
let it sit about 15 minutes to thicken 
microwave about a minute 
add the 3 egg whites and mix really well 
microwave maybe 3 more minutes 
custard like oats 
with some SF syrup 

note to self: when making SF pudding 
cannot use unsweetened almond milk 
pudding will not set up 
so I have protein pudding soup 

tuna and toast 
sorry for the blurry picture 
getting back into the swing of taking pictures 
now I am reminded why I always took 
multiple pictures 
so no blur 

yogurt and peach 
soo annoying that these pictures won't turn the way I want them to 

keeping it real 
problems of working in a grocery store 
new item and everyone wants to try it 
I had about 9 (that was the serving size on the bag) 
so I could track it 
My Co Manager bought these 
my review: dangerously delicious!!! 

so I went and ate my meal
oh wowsa yummo time!! 
I bought those little rice cups... but I unintentionally
bought the rice and beans one... not the straight rice 
made it work
came as 2 little cups
one was rice one was the beans 
serving size was 2 
made it into 4 meals so half the calories 
added the soy crumbles you buy in the frozen 
section by the veggie burgers 
added some asparagus 
final result: I make yummy food

and a frozen yogurt 
carb de light 

I always order off the sugar free menu 

Sugar-Free Flavors
Toasted Coconut
Mounds Bar
Yellow Cake Batter
*8 cal per oz., 2 g carbs, 1 g fiber, w/ xylitol

okay off to pack food, get ready to go do an hour of circuit training then off to work 

oh question from anonymous: How does the PB2 taste? I love peanut butter but tend to eat way too much of it once the jar is open! This seems like a good way to get the same taste without all the calorie damage

PB2 is da bomb!!!!! low in calories and if you add it to a yogurt you would swear you are eating straight peanut butter... totally curbs my peanut butter urge 

Karla out 

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about the PB2 Karla! I will put it on my shopping list and give it a try.

    I'm so jealous of that sf frozen yogurt! Only 8 calories per ounce is amazing.

    I don't know how you handle all the temptation being in a grocery store. I do so well with my eating until I do my shopping and then I'm triggered by seeing all the yummy stuff in the store. I think only eating nine chips is pretty impressive!


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