Friday, July 17, 2015

Star Ship secret log #1

remember back in the old days 
Star Trek 

yep I am an old Geek 

Kirk would do "star ship entries" 

well this is Star Ship secret entry #1 

why secret? 
I am not going to announce this to anyone in my family 
I don't think any of them read this any more 

so lots of talk going on in my family 
engagement talk, one family member has been hitting it hard... has lost 30 pounds and she looks amazing!!! one family member just joined WWers, My new store in a few months, Cincinnati summit after that, my 30 year wedding anniversary next year and an epic trip to Hawaii (yes finally!!!) 


here I am 

I have been having trouble sticking to something, okay okay anything lately 

so I did Whole 30 and gave in on day 17 so lets shoot for mini goal #1 

18 days straight blogging and good eating 

see ya tonight with pictures and a recap of my day 

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