Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday and Wednesday

yesterday was training. I train at 5 AM for an hour... speed off home, shower and on the freeway off to work by 6:30 ... I make it but I am usually makeup free and it takes me the entire hour commute to cool down. I shower and I am clean but still hot
any whosle
I love training days... look at that beautiful Exercise column!!!
today's plan
today will be an average work day so I am curious to see the exercise at the end of the day. My Fitbit sync's with the My Fitness pal so that is cool
also a note: it is not just about the calories for my choices... it is about the food... no frozen yogurt, basically nothing other than what is on the food lists... (I put them at the top NFT) and coming home after a 12 hour day... I commute an hour each way and I work 10 hour days .... ahhhh the glamorous life of a grocery store manager .... sheesh...
oops what was I saying before I was boo hooing ....
ahhh it has helped by me figuring out something to eat when I get home... I am usually in bed by 8:30... home by 6:45 but this short time frame has always been my nemesis
okay I am back... felt silly with the other format... like I am starting over? REALLY111??? life goes on
Karla out 

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