Monday, August 24, 2015

back at it

morning coffee creamer 
half SF vanilla 
half unsweetened almond milk 

and this is why I am back to blogging: 
I have to get my picture taken tomorrow 
for the new store's opening ad 
I have NOTHING that fits 
sheesh why did I wait so freaking long! 
Tomorrow I will have to go buy a shirt! 

3 egg whites 
1/3 c oats 
forgot to take a picture 

Trader Joe's find 

added to some veggies and chicken 

and 2 T of this yummo dressing 

oh dang 
I forgot to take another picture
a Muscle milk light 
160 calories  

a delicious salad 

some watermelon 

and SF Carb delight frozen yogurt 
a "losing" day 
nighty night 

1 comment:

  1. Food looks delicious Karla! I hope you have good luck finding something to wear for your pic and that the store opening goes smoothly. Keep us updated!


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