Saturday, September 19, 2015

one down 2 to go

one hurdle down 
two to go 
out of town next week for a power trip (work) 
the following week out of town for a few days again (work) 

I am thinking of starting to use meal prep service for 2 meals a day 

of course my husband looked at me like I was crazy.... another one of your wack a doodle ideas Karla... wasting money (is what I am sure he was thinking) 

but I am going to wait until the beginning of October and see 

this has been my struggle lately 

coffee cup was my 1/4 oats and egg whites in the morning 

and wrappers from a drumstick ice cream 

really girl!!! 

come on Karla 

so I need to get my act together ... today just focusing on getting my water back in 
need to stay hydrated 

with the craziness of opening the store (it is doing amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
I have taken a back seat to my work 

so baby steps 

but I need to start taking care of me again 

last night I slept 10 hours!!! so that was a great start  

and water this morning... so more to follow 

no ginormous outrageous plans to make a total life change in 1 day 

lets be real 

but for today 

I will take care of me 


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

the quiet sound of structure

getting close 
the store opens in a few days 
it's been a wild ride
I will never go through this again in my career
sheesh I hope 
but it is interesting how in chaotic times 
stressful times 
the cream rises to the top 
some people shine 
others struggle 
true colors are revealed

so what's the verdict? 

I can handle stress better than I thought 
when I truly have no control 
I can let go and let others do their part
Could I have done better? of course 
I could have, should have and would have 

but that's life 

the rear view mirror is always the clearest 

but for today it is not about "going back"or even "getting back" 

it is about getting through 

doing better that I knew I could 
setting the standards for myself and staying true to myself 

because truly I am the only person that suffers if I let myself down 

So today I have some goals 
I have a to do list 

and an employee party to enjoy 
for 2 hours I get to relax and connect with my associates 

I have soo many new people, I don't know their names, I barely recognize their faces 

so today it's about rebuilding the bridge with my people 

sliding out of preparing for an upcoming project to launching
 getting back to a more normal day to day 

I am a person that likes... no loves consistency... the quiet sound of structure 

here's to seeing the end of this craziness 

just a few more days 

I got this

Thursday, September 3, 2015

It is the weirdest thing ... epiphany kind of post

I am in a very chaotic time in my life 
stress and pressure are crazy 
I am working 12 hour days plus I have a 2 hour commute 
I was not handling it very well the last few weeks 
Like McDonald's, In and Out kind of not well 
Whatever was my attitude 
no time for the gym 
busting out of my pants 
I went out and bought size 14 jeans... 
why fight it? 
I stopped taking any vitamins 
stopped drinking my water 

then the consequences other than tight clothes came 
feeling awful, sleeping poorly ... emotionally beating myself up 
hot flashes like .... sweat pouring off me kind of flashes 
I am sure I must have hit 180

but a few days ago... I just went back to prepping my food 
taking it to work 
storing it in my little refrigerator 
drinking my water, taking my vitamins 
Everyone is still hitting the local hamburger joints 
but I am taking a pass 
"No thank you" is acceptable to say 

I am not crazy counting calories 
no on the My Fitness Pal 
no on the stressing over the carbohydrate count for the day 
no on the "did I get enough protein in" 
no on the uber calorie restriction 
no on the Karla's crazy "only shakes and bars" diet 
and not stressing because this isn't good enough 
not 100% fresh ingredients (frozen are okay) 
just eating and doing what I know has worked 
It starts with food 
real food 

today's plan: 

3 whites and a pack of original instant oats 
broccoli with 3 oz chicken and 1.5 T of light balsamic dressing
green beans with 3 oz chicken and hot sauce 
Frozen strawberries, SF pudding mix, unsweetened almond milk and Fage 
I will add 2 Quest bars 
and stop on my way home for a 150 calorie SF frozen yogurt 

I am getting over 10,000 steps easily every day 
sometimes as much as 20,000

I will get back to the gym when I can 

but I can only do what I can do 

right now I just need to focus on my short term goal ... today I will take care of my physical body and my emotions ... today I will not stress over things that are out of my control.. 

It's a lifestyle and I so often forget that... I want the quick fix 
the newest and coolest "diet" 


consistency and habit are what does the deed 

I got this 

today I do, and that is all I have to worry about 


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