Saturday, September 19, 2015

one down 2 to go

one hurdle down 
two to go 
out of town next week for a power trip (work) 
the following week out of town for a few days again (work) 

I am thinking of starting to use meal prep service for 2 meals a day 

of course my husband looked at me like I was crazy.... another one of your wack a doodle ideas Karla... wasting money (is what I am sure he was thinking) 

but I am going to wait until the beginning of October and see 

this has been my struggle lately 

coffee cup was my 1/4 oats and egg whites in the morning 

and wrappers from a drumstick ice cream 

really girl!!! 

come on Karla 

so I need to get my act together ... today just focusing on getting my water back in 
need to stay hydrated 

with the craziness of opening the store (it is doing amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
I have taken a back seat to my work 

so baby steps 

but I need to start taking care of me again 

last night I slept 10 hours!!! so that was a great start  

and water this morning... so more to follow 

no ginormous outrageous plans to make a total life change in 1 day 

lets be real 

but for today 

I will take care of me 



  1. I'm glad the store is doing well....I hope things calm down for you soon.

  2. Are you back yet????? *tapping foot*


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