Wednesday, September 9, 2015

the quiet sound of structure

getting close 
the store opens in a few days 
it's been a wild ride
I will never go through this again in my career
sheesh I hope 
but it is interesting how in chaotic times 
stressful times 
the cream rises to the top 
some people shine 
others struggle 
true colors are revealed

so what's the verdict? 

I can handle stress better than I thought 
when I truly have no control 
I can let go and let others do their part
Could I have done better? of course 
I could have, should have and would have 

but that's life 

the rear view mirror is always the clearest 

but for today it is not about "going back"or even "getting back" 

it is about getting through 

doing better that I knew I could 
setting the standards for myself and staying true to myself 

because truly I am the only person that suffers if I let myself down 

So today I have some goals 
I have a to do list 

and an employee party to enjoy 
for 2 hours I get to relax and connect with my associates 

I have soo many new people, I don't know their names, I barely recognize their faces 

so today it's about rebuilding the bridge with my people 

sliding out of preparing for an upcoming project to launching
 getting back to a more normal day to day 

I am a person that likes... no loves consistency... the quiet sound of structure 

here's to seeing the end of this craziness 

just a few more days 

I got this


  1. Yes! I'm cheering for you over here. You're building the structure and the system. It's almost all done, and the results will come next!


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