Sunday, October 4, 2015

and here we go!

good morning lovelies 

I am up early this morning 
no shocker really 

3 whites and 1/4 cup oats 
then an hour of core and cardio 

and a shake 
oops forgot to take a picture 
it was just protein and coffee 

Trader Joe's egg white salad
with 2 pieces of Killer Dave's bread 

went to lunch 
this was mine actually I made 2 meals of it 
brought half home added 
1/4 cup rice and 2T dressing 

and snap  another meal 

this was my hubsters meal 

believe me I am not hating... 
I would have been right there a week ago 

another meal 
just a bag of shredded cabbage 
add mustard 
Franks hot sauce 
and some chicken 

final meal of the day 
berries and Greek yogurt 

got my water in 
and I slept a sound 8 hours last night 

day 2 in da books!!! 



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