Friday, October 2, 2015

hello blog world

it occurred to me at the Kroger Leadership Summit 

me with Rodney McMullen 

What am I waiting for? 
in 2 weeks I am 56 
... do I wait until then? 
the new year? 
the store to settle down? 

how about now!!! 

three hurdles down and a million to go! 
life goes on and I have been just waiting... silly me 

meal: egg white salad 
meal: Fage and berries 
meal: green beans, 3 oz chicken and dragon sauce (Trader Joe's find) 

meal: slice toast and a service FF cottage cheese with cinnamon 

meal: coffee with protein and a splash of creamer 
I always do half creamer and half 
unsweetened almond milk to help reduce the calories 

meal: 4 egg whites and oats 

so today I NEED to drink my water..... 
it is stock piling in my garage..... 
reminding me of my lack of commitment lately 

Have an awesome day!!! 
see ya tomorrow 

less of me that is 

weight this morning 

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