Sunday, October 18, 2015

I am lost

I can't seem to find my way, I am falling ... out of control 

I  used to sit here and judge people, now I am the one being judged (at least by me) 

I used to think.... "wow she gained her/his weight back" 
I used to think .... "woo why can't she/he get it together" 
and ..... "dang, that will never be me" 

but here I am .... lost 

I know it takes consistency
but I can't seem to get going


this sucks  

there is no magic wand, no magic potion, 
no magic diet, no magic pixie dust 


gotta get my act together 



  1. You can do it. Getting our act together is a daily struggle. I've worked on my weight loss all year and only have a couple of pounds of weight loss to show for it. Weight loss is hard, maintenance is harder.

  2. Getting a boyfriend worked for my ex LOL!

  3. I know people who've been totally able to stay at their goal weight for 25 years or more. I haven't been so lucky. After maintaining really well for six years, I let the stress of a job (emotional eating) get me and I gained 15 pounds and carried them around for the next two years. It wasn't that I didn't like the job because I did. It was stressful though.

    I was secretly happy that I didn't gain back everything I had lost, and within a few weeks of leaving that job, I was back at goal. I hope you find the plan that you can live with and get back to your goal and maintenance. Wishing you all good things. :)


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