Saturday, October 31, 2015

Remembering Part 2

when I was in high school there was a store.... the 5-7-9 store... I wanted SO bad to be able to shop in that store, but I couldn't

I still remember the store, I remember where it was in the mall

Then later in my life

"wow you have gained a lot of weight" OMG I was horrified the person had the nerve to say that to me

... as I am holding up size 12 jeans... "oh my Gawd if you wear that BIG of a size I will go ahead and shoot you myself"

It was always a struggle... then pregnancies and babies

it literally took me 10 years to lose my baby weight ... get back to the pre pregnancy me

10 friggin years!!!

then I remember when on line came around and the internet (yeah I am old) it was only AOL back then

and information overload

those were the diet pills years

then I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and no more diet pills ... didn't want to die

I basically gave up fell into the bottle... then came AA ... and I climbed out of the bottle

weight fell off

okay in my mind it was the booze all along

problem solved.... I am CURED!!

but I wasn't because the weight came back

what the heck!!!

then in 2010 I tried Weight Watchers AGAIN with no expectation of success

I just realized it was going to take a long time and this blog helped me but then it came back AGAIN

what the hell!!! this is so friggin annoying

so here I sit at 56 with no magic solution.... it wasn't the booze, the diet pills are a no go .... organized meetings freak me out (the anti social part of me.... AA didn't cure that in me)

so I guess there is no "cure" no "magic solution" what works for you may not and does not work for me

it's just little (or medium sized) ole me .... that was my attempt at humor

just little ole me doing this thing ... called life... no not just losing weight


it is in session

Hawaii is just around the corner and I am going to go and have an awesome time and not obsess over the fact that I am no longer a size 6... maybe one day again but I am not going to wait... not going to wait to feel good about my life

I have a good life, many blessings

yesterday was on point... today is planned (food wise)

and I am here to fight another day

tootles bloggity folks

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