Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday musings

I cooked this morning 
chicken, turkey, 2 kinds of squash and quinoa 

breakfast was 5 whites and oats 
and coffee with creamer  

meal: TJ's egg white salad 
on 2 slices of 60 calorie bread 

green beans, squash 
1/4 c quinoa 
chicken and Green Dragon hot sauce 

spaghetti squash 
4 oz 93/7 ground turkey 
1/4 C light Ragu sauce 

new find! 

went to my MIL's for dinner 
I did okay 
skipped the noodles 
just had some of the beef on 
some microwaved vegetables she had 

but these danged ole rolls 
I ate one 

I did go rejoin my gym 
of course it was like 50% more than last time 

so bogus! 

nighty night bloggity folks 

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