Saturday, October 3, 2015

yesterdays recap

drank my water ... boom! 
food ... almost 
I ditched the chicken and green bean meal and had a quest bar 

and I had 2-3 handful's of chips 

but not a total disaster

weird ...

as I was munching on the chips I am thinking.....  

will this be the beginning of another binge? 

then I decided... only if you want it to be Karla 

I get to choose 

then I saw this last night on Instagram 

man oh man do I ever put in the hours at work!!! 


yeah I am worth it!!! 

plan today: gym, eyebrows clothes organizing 

and eating on plan!!! 

boo yah 

check with ya later 


1 comment:

  1. We ARE worth it! I remind myself of that everyday. I want to go to bed every night without food regrets. Without binge regrets. I"m the only person who can decide life can bet like that. It's hard making the right choice consistently, eh? (That's the Canadian in me, eh?) :)


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