Saturday, November 21, 2015

Reflections and planning for 2016

I have had this blog a long asp time
I started this for help in overcoming my drinking/weight problems

and I succeeded

in 2014 I started to falter

2014 all the little chicks left the nest and I got the total empty nest weight gain .... is that even a thing? the empty nest weight gain? .... I just made that up

the last 23 months have been a slide back to the beginning

the beginning of this blog

almost ... I am not drinking... that is a good thing

but 2015 has not been kind to me ...

or rather I was not kind to myself

this is hard to go it alone.... My support system is gone and I have had to go this alone and I have frankly done a piss poor job about it

so I will be working to make 2016 be my comeback year!

I am not going to throw everything to the wayside for the remainder or 2015 but I am going to Hawaii.... HUGE... but whatever and I am going to relax and enjoy my time

and this is just an excuse to plan another Hawaii trip


I have found what I am hoping is a support/accountability network of folks

time will tell

tootles... off to the gym... thanksgiving grocery shopping and the normal day off stuff

Sunday, November 15, 2015

back to the future

I have been spending a LOT of time looking back at my 2010 posts 

reminding myself of what worked and what didn't 

coming to the realization that I WAS celebrating 
and happy about a week where I lost HALF a pound 

I remember thinking to myself on those weeks 
that's okay 
1/2 pound a week = 26 pounds a year 

when did I lose this mind set 
I am working to get it back 

understanding this takes time 
I know EXACTLY when I fell off the wagon 
when things went astray 
January of 2014
the ole empty nest syndrome 

but it is time to revisit the past 
for a better future 
so things can be better 
and I am carrying less tonnage 
Yeah.... not so heavy in the future 

little bits every day 
just 20 minutes on the treadmill is what I used to do 
but I did it EVERY DAY!!! 
without fail 
and it worked 

it is up to me! 
I have to do what works for me 
so back to the future!!! 

here's to the ride 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday morning Holla!!!

Good Morning Bloggity folks 

yep.... just crawled outta bed 

Have an awesome day!!! 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

proven wrong

I am a skeptic 
I am a doubter 

The ever "show me" kind of person 
show me it doesn't work 

kind of annoying... I learn from experience, and am not prone to take advise 

but there is one thing I have to concede to 
you can't fight the passage of time 
as I am getting older the weight loves to stick to me 
slower coming off 

but 10 years ago when someone told me that 
I didn't believe them 
they weren't really trying 
they were probably eating ice cream and lying to themselves 

news flash 

it is true 

but I am not giving up 
4.4 lost this week 

onward we go 
tootles bloggity crew

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Healing slowly

I can kinda/sorta walk 
but still super sore

and I train this morning 

yep I am crazy 

and it's weird how my crazy brain works
no wonder it has taken so long to find my way back 

This morning inside my brain.... 

oh yeah I have lost a few pounds... but those pounds don't really count until I hit 172 because 172 is my starting point (ahhhh reality girl you were at 182 LAST SATURDAY) actually 172 isn't my starting cause I was at 162 when the whole "opening the new store" life chaos started so maybe the start weight is ACTUALLY 162

plus the fitness pal said if I keep going I would be 158 in 5 weeks so maybe I can be 158 now 

OMG am I living on another planet!!!??? 

yes Karla those pounds count 
yes Karla starting weight was 182
No Karla you don't weigh 158

Success story from yesterday: 
100% on track with food... not water though... I needed to sleep and not be up going to the bathroom every 2 hours so I stopped drinking water at 5:30

busy day off today 

food prep 
make a nice dinner for the hubster 

life is good 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just real quick

gotta run off to work
waiting for the dryer.... AKA my ironing board


going good... on plan
food is spot on
water has kind of been a pain in the arse.... too much getting up in the night

I will try and be done with my water today by 2 PM

tomorrow I am off and another cooking day

I KILLED my fitness pal yesterday!!! boo yah

today is day #4 of 100% on point

feels good

another success

counting every one of them!!!!

later bloggity crew

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Frankenstein walk

yeah it's bad 

I am doing the Frankenstein walk 

and I am training this morning at 7 AM 

 I am going to stretch this morning and take a HOT bath first though 

yesterday food was on point 

but seeing as I am sooooooo sore 
I figured not a good time to get on the scale 
plus when I am down 
I seem to celebrate with food 

OR Eat because I have unrealistic expectations 
like oh what the heck!!!??? 
I haven't gotten to goal weight yet 
it's been all of what??!! 
a week 
I mean COME ON!!! 

but I tracked all my food on My Fitness pal 
and it was a losing day 
so again a day of success 

I am working on me 

I am working to keep my crown 

tootles bloggity crew 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Santa Monica Stairs

Santa Monica Stairs 
my daughter 
yeah the uber fit one 
she does the stairs 18 times 

I did it ONE time and a half 

and I can barely walk this morning 

there were women there WAY older than me 
next time I am going for twice 
I ate SPOT on yesterday 
prepped my food for the next 4 days 

I didn't weigh this morning with my muscles 
this sore I am sure I am retaining water 
to those sore muscles 

my body in recovery mode 

so off to get ready for work 

tootles bloggity crew 

yesterday was a success!!!! 
here's to a repeat! 
boo yah 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

reality check Missy Mae

so in this twisted mind of mine 

I drop weight like a rock, in a snap, lickety split, quick like, 
in other words no problemo quickly!!! 

Reality in looking at my 2010 numbers .... wow what a reality check! 
it took me 10 and a half months to get from 180 to 140

ahhhh wake up Karla!!!!!!! 

my sister posted an article  and in reading this I am thinking.... 
man I have done these 5 things EVERY FREAKING day!!! 
for the last 2 years almost 

kind of made me flash back in time 

so I need to STOP posting about this same topic 
and start posting about my success's 

so today I am working out with my uber fit daughter 

I will be sore tomorrow 

she isn't very sympathetic to my woes 

later taters 

here's to a good day 

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