Saturday, November 7, 2015

proven wrong

I am a skeptic 
I am a doubter 

The ever "show me" kind of person 
show me it doesn't work 

kind of annoying... I learn from experience, and am not prone to take advise 

but there is one thing I have to concede to 
you can't fight the passage of time 
as I am getting older the weight loves to stick to me 
slower coming off 

but 10 years ago when someone told me that 
I didn't believe them 
they weren't really trying 
they were probably eating ice cream and lying to themselves 

news flash 

it is true 

but I am not giving up 
4.4 lost this week 

onward we go 
tootles bloggity crew

1 comment:

  1. I have experienced exactly the same thing, including doubting those older than me who swore they were on track but not overeating. Congrats on 4.4 in one week...that's rock star results!


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