Sunday, November 1, 2015

reality check Missy Mae

so in this twisted mind of mine 

I drop weight like a rock, in a snap, lickety split, quick like, 
in other words no problemo quickly!!! 

Reality in looking at my 2010 numbers .... wow what a reality check! 
it took me 10 and a half months to get from 180 to 140

ahhhh wake up Karla!!!!!!! 

my sister posted an article  and in reading this I am thinking.... 
man I have done these 5 things EVERY FREAKING day!!! 
for the last 2 years almost 

kind of made me flash back in time 

so I need to STOP posting about this same topic 
and start posting about my success's 

so today I am working out with my uber fit daughter 

I will be sore tomorrow 

she isn't very sympathetic to my woes 

later taters 

here's to a good day 

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