Saturday, November 21, 2015

Reflections and planning for 2016

I have had this blog a long asp time
I started this for help in overcoming my drinking/weight problems

and I succeeded

in 2014 I started to falter

2014 all the little chicks left the nest and I got the total empty nest weight gain .... is that even a thing? the empty nest weight gain? .... I just made that up

the last 23 months have been a slide back to the beginning

the beginning of this blog

almost ... I am not drinking... that is a good thing

but 2015 has not been kind to me ...

or rather I was not kind to myself

this is hard to go it alone.... My support system is gone and I have had to go this alone and I have frankly done a piss poor job about it

so I will be working to make 2016 be my comeback year!

I am not going to throw everything to the wayside for the remainder or 2015 but I am going to Hawaii.... HUGE... but whatever and I am going to relax and enjoy my time

and this is just an excuse to plan another Hawaii trip


I have found what I am hoping is a support/accountability network of folks

time will tell

tootles... off to the gym... thanksgiving grocery shopping and the normal day off stuff

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  1. Karla, I'm cheering you on for 2016. Hey, not drinking is a tough thing. Give yourself credit. I know you know what works for you. Cheering you on for your next steps.

    Onward and bravo for starting again.


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