Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Frankenstein walk

yeah it's bad 

I am doing the Frankenstein walk 

and I am training this morning at 7 AM 

 I am going to stretch this morning and take a HOT bath first though 

yesterday food was on point 

but seeing as I am sooooooo sore 
I figured not a good time to get on the scale 
plus when I am down 
I seem to celebrate with food 

OR Eat because I have unrealistic expectations 
like oh what the heck!!!??? 
I haven't gotten to goal weight yet 
it's been all of what??!! 
a week 
I mean COME ON!!! 

but I tracked all my food on My Fitness pal 
and it was a losing day 
so again a day of success 

I am working on me 

I am working to keep my crown 

tootles bloggity crew 

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