Monday, December 7, 2015

back from vacation

back from Hawaii.... OMG!!! the best vacation of my life!!!! 

I logged everything on my Instagram 

we are already planning on going back! 
Now I totally understand why people go to Hawaii again, and again, and again!!! 

So I felt awful physically BUT I still snorkeled and sat by the pool ... 
but a bathing suit was out of the question!! 
I did it in swim trunks and a long bathing suit top .... 

so we are going again in September... so I am on a mission! 

When I weighed myself after the trip it wasn't horrible... 
just a pound or two of which is almost gone 

I have changed up my training so I am committed to 3 mornings a week, 
and I have a 5 AM appointment so NO EXCUSES!! 

I am meeting with my trainer tomorrow at noon to talk food. I switched and have gone with my old trainers wife, she has a space at 5 AM and he moved all his 5 AM clients around and dropped his 5 AM class, so it all worked out. I am excited and I feel the "want" I want to do this!!! 

so yesterday I threw away the old Thanksgiving food 
(was still in the refrigerator.... ewwwww!!!) 
and tossed the ice cream... hubby got rid of all the candy 

He also wants to drop some tonnage before we go back! 

so it's on ... like Donkey Kong 

OH MY GAWD!!! I am such a nerd! 

see ya tomorrow ..... less of me that is!!! 
(using my old tag line) 

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