Tuesday, December 8, 2015

May not seem to mean much.... but

yesterday was day #2 logging on My Fitness Pal since being back from Hawaii

did I mention this was the best vacation I have ever had in my entire life!!!! 

I logged our trip on my Instagram 

so any whoosle .... 

I worked a late yesterday 10-8 boo 

and I have to work another late Wednesday 

double boo 

oops... got caught up in that whine session 

so anyway ... 

driving home last night... I passed the frozen yogurt store..... 

passed the store... I did not stop 
I kept thinking about this: 

1.WORK HARD TO GET TO YOUR GOAL.....AND THEN MAINTAIN- Anything you cannot sustain for an extended amount of time is a recipe for failure. HOWEVER, often times deprivation of your favorite cheats for an extended period can get you started on the fast track. Whether your weakness is salt, sugar, alcohol or all of the above, CUT IT OUT ENTIRELY until you are back down to where you want to be! At that point, you can re-introduce those downfalls as TREATS and not CHEATS.

and trying to rationalize stopping...
"well you haven't actually talked food with her yet" 
"it's only 200 calories... how can that hurt?" 
"this will be the last time" 
"no one will know" 

but I kept driving .... focus 

I have to Want the Want... 

so here we go ... 

Today: day off... workout, food talk with trainer, nails and a chill day 

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is 

please note...the above highlighted are not my words ... they are my amazing trainer's 

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