Saturday, January 30, 2016

a day in the life

this takes time 
I am not throwing in the towel ... nope 

Last night... Thursday night for Friday actually was inventory 

2AM oats, egg and a white 

(No sleep so it was 8 hours since last meal) 
4AM - 2 handfuls smokehouse salted almonds... 
then Doritos .... full blow binge mode... 4 stale M&M cookies

I texted my trainer... feeling like a four year old confessing 

end of my work day at 8:30AM 
which was 10.5 hours on no sleep 
so I ate a meal because I had an hour commute home ... 
figured it would help me to stay awake 

8:45 AM green beans, 4 oz brown rice, 4.5 oz chicken 
home and konked out 

2:00pm shake 
I walked 4 miles in the neighborhood (an hour walk) 

6:00 Black Angus for dinner: chicken, green beans and broccoli 
... I ordered the vegetables.. 
No sauce no butter and got an entire breast so I brought chicken home 
I didn't have the courage to enter this into My Fitness pal 
Cardio and stretching class tomorrow 

Better day today 



  1. There will be days like that! Hugs to you, my sister!

  2. Sounds to me like you did okay. It is a slow process. And the mind games can be a bear.


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