Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Think maybe I have gone off my rocker!!!

this is too frustrating 
been the same for a WEEK!!! 

always I have yo yo dieted 
this is why 1200 has always been the "magic" number for me 
incidentally I have been shooting for 1450
but when I go that low I am in a diet, starve, binge cycle 

only thing I am not 100% about is the creamer in my coffee.... 
but come on!!!  it is half SF creamer and half unsweetened almond milk 
this is NOT why 

dang this is a slow process and age has made it slower 

okay baby rant over on to the work 
NOT giving up 
so take that you unforgiving 
bathroom scale 
I WILL dominate YOU before 2016 is over 
you can lie in wait laughing at me 
but I WILL PREVAIL!!!!! 

  1. oats, egg and a whites 
  2. quest 
  3. Oikos plain yogurt and powdered PB 
  4. cauliflower, turkey and 1 oz low fat feta 
  5. chicken, broccoli and dressing 

came home last night and cooked 2 more days of meals... super quick and simple 

I freaking hate the bathroom scale!!! 

tootles have a good day.. 

January 11, 2016

Blue Diamond - Almond Breeze Unsweetend Almond Milk, 1.5 cup452g4g2g0mg225mg0g2g
Nestlé Coffee Mate - Sugar Free French Vanilla Liquid Creamer, 4 tbsp608g4g0g0mg40mg0g0g
Egg Whites - Large, 4 large (33 g)681g0g14g0mg220mg1g0g
Egg - Egg, Boiled, 1 large egg (50 g)700g5g6g215mg71mg0g0g
Quaker - Gluten free Oats, 0.5 cup15027g3g5g0mg0mg1g4g
Broccoli, frozen, chopped, unprepared, 14 oz(s)10319g1g11g0mg95mg5g12g
Ground Turkey Breast - Jennie-o Extra Lean, 4 oz1200g2g26g55mg70mg0g0g
Athenos - Low Fat Feta, 1 oz500g4g5g0mg350mg0g0g
Kroger - All Natural - Cauliflower, 12 fluid ounce386g0g2g0mg38mg3g2g
Protein - Tyson Chicken Breast, 4.5 ounce2010g4g40g69mg43mg0g0g
Paul newman - Lite Balsamic, 2 tbls.452g4g0g0mg350mg2g0g
Oikos - Oikos - Plain, 5.3 oz806g0g15g10mg50mg6g0g
Pb2 - Chocolate, 12 grams456g1g4g0mg70mg3g1g
Quest Bar - Pumpkin Pie (coated), 1 bar22019g12g21g5mg230mg1g12g
Fitbit calorie adjustment1,2711


  1. Stay the course Karla. You will bitch slap that scale before it's over.

  2. So annoying when the scale doesn't follow our behaviour. How come it always seem to follow our behaviour when we're overeating??? Frustrated for you.


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