Tuesday, January 26, 2016

hard work pays off.... wait WHAT?!

100% on point 

food weighed and measured 

exercise yep... got that done 

 water... almost a gallon a day 

scales up 2 pounds 

email I sent my trainer this morning: 
170.8 this morning 

this is a 2 pound gain since last Thursday 

can't even format my words 
feel like crying and throwing in the towel and eating everything in sight 

whats the point? 

see you at 5
going to be a tough M... F..... day 
tried to find something 
positive to end this blog post with 
sorry but I am just not feeling it 
it's going to take EVERYTHING I have 
just to make it through today 
without eating 
Starbucks pastries 
In and Out 
cookies from the Service deli 
chicken from the service deli with Ranch dressing 
drive through on the way home 

sorry people I am truly a FAT person inside 
but I am going to go to the gym 
work out 
and get through today 
and throw the Mother Freaking scale 
in the trash 


1 comment:

  1. This is just one data point in all your efforts....don't let ONE data point derail all the good you've done for yourself.

    Having said that, it would irritate the shit out of me too.

    I would venture to guess that you're a beautiful person inside.


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