Friday, January 1, 2016

Last day of 2015 food accountability

fitbit sometimes messes with my head 

6:30 eggs and toast 
8:45 quest 
noon shake 
3 meal 
5:30 meal 

I had a super massive active day with my fitbit yesterday and it kind of messes with my head (the only part of My Fitness Pal I don't like) 

I weighed in at 174.4 this morning 

I was happy with that after gaining from the chicken taco and chip/Guacamole Molly passing away evening day and truthfully I haven't done cardio like I should with my sister being here 

then I look at the My Fitness pal report final from yesterday and it says 

Your Daily Goal5,7224291905722,30021
*You've earned 4,272 extra calories from exercise today
If every day were like today...   You'd weigh 126.9 lbs in 5 week
REALLY HOW SILLY!!!! ... Looks like a nice number but I don't think so 
December 31, 2015
Blue Diamond - Almond Breeze Unsweetend Almond Milk, 1.5 cup452g4g2g0mg225mg0g2g
Nestlé Coffee Mate - Sugar Free French Vanilla Liquid Creamer, 4 tbsp608g4g0g0mg40mg0g0g
Egg Whites - Large, 4 large (33 g)681g0g14g0mg220mg1g0g
Egg - Egg, Boiled, 1 large egg (50 g)700g5g6g215mg71mg0g0g
Bread - Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin, 2 slice16036g1g6g0mg130mg10g4g
Ken's Steakhouse - Light Northern Italian, 2 T451g5g0g0mg260mg1g0g
Broccoli, frozen, chopped, unprepared, 14 oz(s)10319g1g11g0mg95mg5g12g
Ground Turkey Breast - Jennie-o Extra Lean, 5 oz1500g2g33g69mg88mg0g0g
Broccoli Cauliflower - Broccoli Cauliflower, 13 ounce12222g0g9g0mg111mg4g11g
Protein - Tyson Chicken Breast, 4 ounce1790g4g36g61mg38mg0g0g
Quest - Pumpkin Pie, 1 bar22019g12g21g5mg230mg0g12g
Quest - Protein, 1 scoop1025g1g21g0mg0mg2g0g
Cream - Half and half, 0.25 cup793g7g2g22mg25mg0g0g
Beverage - Champagne, 4.1 fl oz782g0g0g0mg0mg0g0g
goal for 2016

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  1. Hi Karla,

    New year, new opportunities. Looking forward to it, and thanks for sharing!


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