Monday, February 29, 2016

I need routine

I have to change things up a bit 
I am burning out on the tracking 
I had a horrible weekend

like REALLY REALLY BAD!! (food wise) 

vacation was hard to stay on track, 
it was a stay-cation and working out 6 times and
 then not having some grand daily plan led me straight to food too many days ... 

pathetic to say but I am kind of glad to be going back to work 
boy oh boy I am going to struggle when I am retired

I have my meals for the next week all prepped 
vegetable with 4.5-5 oz of chicken or turkey meatloaf 

so I am going to stop entering everything into My Fitness pal 

I am making myself crazy... but I am crashing and burning .... 

so I will follow what I have been doing 

6 AM breakfast same 
9 AM shake same 
noon prepped meal (vegetable with 4.5-5 oz of chicken or turkey meatloaf)
3:00 PM  shake 
6:00 PM prepped meal (vegetable with 4.5-5 oz of chicken or turkey meatloaf) 

I am trying to keep it together. The regular routine of work always helps me 

signing off ..... struggling 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

My ideal weight

wow this has me a little overwhelmed I have to admit. I was 125 in freaking high school! and 136 at my lowest lowest lowest in 2011
I am giving this system I am on a year! ALL of 2016 to see where it goes wow those numbers are SMALL!!! we'll see 

Ideal Weight Calculator


Based on the Robinson formula (1983), your ideal weight is 130.5 lbs
Based on the Miller formula (1983), your ideal weight is 135.1 lbs
Based on the Devine formula (1974), your ideal weight is 130.7 lbs
Based on the Hamwi formula (1964), your ideal weight is 129.4 lbs
Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, your recommended weight is 114.6 lbs - 154.9 lbs

Height feet  inches

Saturday, February 27, 2016

ahh duh

630 oats, egg and whites 
900 shake with coffee 
noon apple with cinnamon 
200 brussel sprouts ... I was meal prepping and they were so tantalizing! 
300 shake 
530 pork tenderloin and Normandy vegetables 

butter is a guess, I added it into the vegetables at dinner when I was cooking 

yes I went a little Wack a doodle 

plus one more from dinner left overs 
I am SET!!! 

like for 19 days 

factoring in breakfast, an apple and 2 shakes 
also considering Wednesday cleanse days 
and I don't have to cook again for almost a month! 
boo yah 

yeah I know... I can be a teensy bit obsessive!!! duh 

Friday, February 26, 2016

20 inches!!!!!

this. is crazy!!! 

total inches lost since 1/29/16


this girl is killing it!!! 

Go figure?!

so I see all these folks posting IIFYM stuff 
and honestly I wasn't thinking that 
as I was scarfing down the pancake yesterday morning

it made me sick... like not good 

I can't eat that stuff any more 

that was at 9.... I didn't have a shake until about 2:30 my stomach was so horrible 
then just chicken with about a third of a potato 

within the calories, even my macros looked good 
but the choices were not good 
then 164.6 this morning 

go figure 

February 25, 2016

Blue Diamond - Almond Breeze Unsweetend Almond Milk, 0.5 cup151g1g1g0mg75mg0g1g
Nestlé Coffee Mate - Sugar Free French Vanilla Liquid Creamer, 4 tbsp608g4g0g0mg40mg0g0g
Quaker - Oats - Quick 1-Minute, 20 grams7514g2g3g0mg0mg1g2g
Egg Whites - Large, 6 large (33 g)1022g1g22g0mg330mg1g0g
Chicken - Grilled Chicken Breast, Cubed, 3 ounce1400g3g26g72mg63mg0g0g
Timea - Avocado, 0.33 Medium Avocado (150g)575g9g1g0mg5mg0g4g
Half & Half - Half & Half, 4 tbsp722g6g2g30mg30mg2g0g
Generic - Sour Dough Toast - Medium W/ .25 Tblspoon of Butter, 0.25 Slice (64 grams)509g1g2g0mg104mg1g1g
Ihop - Pancake, 1 pancake13720g5g3g22mg463mg3g1g
365 - Whipped Cream Cheese, 4 Tbsp1402g14g2g40mg130mg2g0g
Isagenix - Protein, 2 scoops24024g5g24g45mg240mg11g8g
Pb2 - Powdered Peanut Butter - Pb2 - Powdered Peanut Butter, 2 Tbsp (12g)455g2g5g0mg94mg1g2g
Kroger - Chicken Breast Cutlets, 4.5 oz1240g3g25g62mg259mg0g0g
Potatoes - Potato, 4.5 fluid ounce6515g0g2g0mg0mg0g0g
Sprouts - Coconut Oil, 0.75 tbsp900g11g0g0mg0mg0g0g
Isagenix - Isadelight, 1 chocolate606g3g1g0mg5mg5g0g

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