Saturday, February 27, 2016

ahh duh

630 oats, egg and whites 
900 shake with coffee 
noon apple with cinnamon 
200 brussel sprouts ... I was meal prepping and they were so tantalizing! 
300 shake 
530 pork tenderloin and Normandy vegetables 

butter is a guess, I added it into the vegetables at dinner when I was cooking 

yes I went a little Wack a doodle 

plus one more from dinner left overs 
I am SET!!! 

like for 19 days 

factoring in breakfast, an apple and 2 shakes 
also considering Wednesday cleanse days 
and I don't have to cook again for almost a month! 
boo yah 

yeah I know... I can be a teensy bit obsessive!!! duh 

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