Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Flat-er... er

7:30 AM - I was wanting something different so I made waffles!!! 
I used the Kodiak cake mix as the base and added 4 whites and an egg
 (more like eggs cooked in a waffle iron...... lol ) with some SF syrup 

9:30 shake with coffee 
11:00 half cauliflower rice, brussel sprout turkey meal 
1:30 other half of 11:00 meal 
4:30 chicken, kale, spinach and asparagus 
6:30 isadelight 

I tried to make protein ice cream... total fail so I just had an isadelight
I had a big breakfast and had a few bites of the Hubster's  rice (I tracked the rice) 

working out 6 AM class this morning 

166 this morning BUT I caught a FLAT stomach profile in my mirror
 OMG!!! my stomach is not so poofy! yeah! 

today is cleanse day and I am on vacation 
so I will be reaching out to my like minded gym work out partners to help me through 

going to stay busy..... get my car headlight fixed, nails done, phone screen fixed, and any other mindless chore that keeps me out of the house..... maybe go see Deadpool this afternoon 

have a good day bloggity folks 

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